Unit 3 p1 explain potential

Every year Opello servers receive more than a million page requests in 4 different languages and 5 different currencies. The team also knew what operating systems the other companies were using, thus the team were able to create a strategic plan to beat the other groups.

P1 - Explain how organisations use information How Information is Used in the Company Quantitative Quantitative information is information which can be measured directly and is considered more factual than qualitative. Purchasing This area deals with the buying of goods and services for the whole company, if a department needs to buy something then it must go through Purchasing first, they also try to get the best prices.

Data The data Opello receive are data such as records of their costs to run the departments within the business, departments such as sales and marketing. What IT and digital technology is available to help people communicate?

A strategic decision that was made in the project would be the choice of design as that would affect the outcome of the project.

Personnel This area deals with recruiting and selecting employees, they also help organise interviews and write job descriptions. MIS needs to be accurate as the information MIS provide must be accurate as other source of information, sustainable the information must be reliable and available when the management needs the information and consistent to provide the information to the senior management, MIS needs to flow Unit 3 p1 explain potential points to be effective.

The new system benefits the organisation as they can track products going out.

A build list is automatically created and the items are immediately available to the purchasing and manufacturing departments. There are three types of decision that happen in the company: The software must be compatible with the hardware so that the employee can see the information.

It is very important that the data is secure so that people information is not hacked. This feedback helps the organisation in continually making improvements in to the items manufacture and also the services the organisation offer to the customers.

There is no point in capturing information that is not relevant as this information will have nothing to do with the subject engaged in. Qualitative Qualitative information is information which is opinionated and non-numeric. Primary data is gained via interviews, taking measurements, surveys or any other method that gains the data straight from the source.

The software must be compatible with the hardware so that the employee can see the information. They store their data on the servers because it is the faster way to store and access data as the technicians do not have to transfer all the data from the servers to an external hard drive. For example if an employee within an organisation has health issues, the organisation must contact the NHS to ask for information about the employee.

Management information system MIS is support system which input request and responses are pre-set. If the information is against the act the public authorities have the chose to refuse to provide them with the information they have asked for.

The data is then processed and manipulated. Business could train their employee to be able to hand data to be able to understand the data they receive. Primary Primary data is data that you or your organisation gathers and manipulates itself.

Similarly, tactical decisions involve the project managers. The data is then processed and manipulated. They can also view if their customers are receiving the best performance from their employees.

For example the date of birth must be in the correct format in order to validate the information. A good example of this was in the virtual security team. Output The output information could be presented in text or graph depending on the person who is receiving the information.

Gaining Advantage Information can be used by the company to gain an advantage over its competitors. This type of information was used a lot in the project, especially by the marketing team and business team. For example the management of a school will only allow the technicians to update the systems.

The design team used qualitative information to create and develop their ideas for the classroom. For example the marketing department of offer data such as changes of sales. So the source in which you find the information must be believable to make interested in the topic. Decision Making Information systems can aid in the making of important decisions by providing data that is essential when making decisions such as sales figures and costs.

For example an increase or decrease in profits. The Hardware a business will need are things like routers, servers etc. The computer system must have firewall on in order to protect the systems information from hackers.P1: Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services.

Subpages (6): D1 make recommendations in relation to identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user group M2 D1 P1 explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in a health or social care setting P2 / M1 P3 carry out a risk assessment in a. UNIT 3 – HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE P1 – Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in.

Unit 3: Information Systems Friday, 10 July Unit 3: P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5 P1 - Explain how organisations use information. Qualitative. Data used to describe certain information by giving your own opinion and is data that can be observers but cannot be measured.

For example colour, texture, smell, taste and appearance of a painting.

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Unit 3 P1 - Explain potential hazards and the harm that may arise from each in a health or social care setting Relating to the physical environment; If you were in a care setting e.g.

Residential home, and the ventilation stopped working, or was not working as it should do. For example if some of the residents had an illness that could be. Malicious Damage Counterfeit Goods Threats Related to E-commerce Unit 7 - P1, M1 Ashley Relf P1- Explain the impact of different types of threat on an organisation.

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Unit 3 p1 explain potential
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