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Many of our religious rituals and rites are blind beliefs and tricks played by the priests, etc. Frankly, this superstition is pretty practical.

Superstition Essay

One of the cultures, which have totally affected by these things, is our beliefs. When people build a new house or if it is a beautiful house, they hang an earthen pot with an ugly face painted on it on the facade of their house.

So we, should not follow the superstitions that were passed on to us by our ancestors. In such an event it is presumed that the work is sure to end in failure. Certain hours and days are considered inauspicious.

They tend to interpret every phenomenon irrationally. In many villages and towns there are houses, places, trees and caverns believed to be haunted by ghosts. There is nothing wrong in sneezing. In short, a person can never progress in life if his approach to things is not objective.

The crossing of a cat Superstations essay you are going for some work is also regarded as equally ominous. I came up on a decision to choose an example of beliefs which I am going to research for an answer whether it is still beliveng by others.

The gullible and superstitious people throng their shops and willingly get duped. Similarly, sneezing at the start of a work or a travel is considered as an evil portent.

The barking of a dog, the crying of a cat, the howling of a jackal and broying of an ass are also taken as ominous. Like the number three, the number seven is often associated with luck. Sandalwood keeps the forehead cool.

There are certain inauspicious days and months when no good and important work can be undertaken. With the advancement of knowledge, learning and science, they are gradually losing Superstations essay, yet they hold their sway even among educated people of the society.

Superstitions and 'luck' are closely associated. Psychologically, the sense of insecurity, fear of ill luck and the dread of inexplicable forces in nature give birth to superstitions.

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They regard it the most unlucky number. They require proof and their view of events is always objective. People are said to have confronted ghosts and apparitions.

But now education and science have to a great extent enlightened man. This little ditty may arise because finding money is lucky in and of itself. If anybody dares to go there at odd hours, he or she is bound to be possessed by the evil spirits.

We must eradicate ignorance, fear of the unknown, the ideas of existence of evil spirits through dissemination of scientific knowledge and enlightenment in order to root out superstitions from our minds.

Those beliefs are the superstition beliefs and that others are the ateneans of these days. Science has made life easy and man has advanced a lot. There are many superstitions that Indians cling to. According to State University of New York at Buffalo anthropologist Philips Stevens, the writer of Revelation was writing to persecuted Christians in code, so the numbers and names in the book are contemporary references.

Beginners might come out ahead in some cases because the novice is less stressed out about winning. Science has made life easy and man has advanced a lot. For example some common superstitions are that thirteen is an unlucky number, if a black cat crosses one's path, some misfortune will befall the person whose path was crossed; if one sneezes before beginning a new job, it shall not be completed without any problem, etc.

There is also a scientific reasoning behind it. An educated mind is never swayed by them.Superstition Essay. Superstition In the essay “Superstitions: The Irrational Beliefs That Influence Our Behavior”, the author writes about how people believe that doing different things can cause them good or bad luck - Superstition Essay introduction.

The author thinks that the most famous superstitions is the belief in good spell, many people believe that executing special rituals can.

Superstition is a pejorative term for any belief or practice that is considered irrational or supernatural: for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown.

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Essay on “Superstitions” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Essay on Superstitions in India.

Category: Essays and Paragraphs On January 28, By Sanjoy Roy. Superstition refers to the excessive belief and ‘blind faith’ for the supernatural. It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that are usually baseless and without any reason. Superstition refers to the excessive belief and ‘blind faith’ for the supernatural.

It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that are usually baseless and without any reason. It is the belief in some customs, rites and rituals that .

Superstations essay
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