Study on mobile value added services

However, the factor boosting the value added services market is their large variability, which makes the mobile operators capable of channeling significant amount of value added services budgets annually towards managing the operational overheads.

Despite considerable growth in mobile subscriber base, low feature handsets continue to remain the order of the day.

The less growth needs are satisfied, the more relatedness needs will be desired. In the introduction section, the mobile value added service market is defined in detail so that the report readers are clear about the scope of this market.

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For a large number of subscribers, the mobile phone has become an extension of their persona. Numerous services such as emergency rescue, mobile banking, multimedia and entertainment, chat, mobile assistant, and e-books are available to fulfill different types of needs of the consumers.

The flow of information from the enterprise to the end-user can be either via automated alerts or user-generated requests. Also, analysis of the data over different parameters has been done in order to arrive at market numbers concerning the global mobile value added service market. Nokia Announces Mobile Newspaper in Hindi.

India has one of the lowest mobile tariffs in the world. In the subsequent section of the report, information is given on the cost structure analysis and pricing analysis of the global mobile value added service market.

Personalization of content and devices: All the services except voice calls and transmissions of a fax are considered a mobile value added services.

The evolution of mobile value-added services in India

In this report, the global mobile value added service market is explored in great detail, and the market dynamics of the global mobile value added service market has been covered comprehensively, explaining to the report readers the drivers, restraints and trends operating in this highly competitive market.

This data is then scrutinized using advanced tools to glean pertinent insights into the global mobile value added service market. Sense of security involves the mutual trust of humanity. Their activities include embedding software links in their handsets, allowing direct access to content portals, creating services customized to the need of certain regions, etc.

Research Methodology Persistence Market Research leverages a proven and tested research methodology to determine the revenue estimations of the global mobile value added service market.

It has also been considered that there is a considerable rise in the demand for entertainment content which is also motivating the overall market growth.

Examples include Mauj, One 97, and Hungama Mobile. Companies which generate user-defined content Examples: With modern mobile platforms mobile VAS is catering to the various needs in infotainment segment.

Captures anticipated changing revenue sharing arrangements going forward Exhibit However, in the recent past, prices of feature-rich handsets have declined sharply owing to increasing competition among manufacturers and technological advances. The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan, incategorized these services according to their pur- poses into four groups: These services typically require high bandwidth and a superior level of support technology than the currently available 2.

Study on Mobile Value Added Services

In this report, MarketsandMarkets provides an in-depth study of the market trends, market sizing, competitive mapping, and market dynamics of MVAS.

A list of industry players manufacturersdistributors, retailers, and industry experts is developed along with a comprehensive discussion guide for detailed and exhaustive primary interviews. The results also partially supported the theory, that is, the satisfaction aspect of the ERG theory was validated but not the frustration aspect.

Operators will have to use MVAS to differentiate themselves from competitors and hence will become more dependent on content providers and aggregators or quality content.A study of consumer value-added services in mobile commerce: Focusing on domestic cellular phone companies in Taiwan, China.

Study Objectives of Mobile Value Added Services Market: To provide detailed analysis of the market structure along with forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the global mobile value added services market.

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The executive summary gives a summary of the global mobile value added service market and gives the pertinent market numbers that are most significant, which include the historical CAGR growth from till and the forecasted CAGR from the year till the end of the forecast period in the year While the growing subscriber base has positively impacted industry revenues (which have risen consistently over the past few years), operator margins also have shrunk, pulling down “Average Revenue per User” (ARPU).

"This is the first ever study in India that charts the evolution of the mobile value-added services industry, maps the future growth potential and makes practical suggestions about what needs to be done by various stakeholders to get this industry into ‘take-off’ mode.

1 Mobile value added services for inclusive growth: A study of women micro-entrepreneurs in Fiji Final Report by Milind Sathye and Biman Prasad.

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Study on mobile value added services
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