Management strategy and policy review questions

The major disadvantages of related diversification are: This is a new perspective that highlights the importance, in both theory and practice, to a company of this process as well as its uniqueness compared with other managerial functions.

There are number of different measures of efficiency in resources analysis: These criteria falling into three categories: A channel can be built of qualified resellers and consultants to provide convincing prices for the market by seeing the size of the market the customer wants to set up.

Strategic Management Questions and Answers

You remain in this phase of the strategic management process until you embark on the next formal planning sessions where you start back at the beginning.

Mass production systems required the standardization of process and seemed to result in greater direction and control by senior managers; there was a tendency towards centralization.

This process has been called incrementalism. The brand generates the revenue for the company and makes the company stand in the market alone. Structural forms are greatly influenced by size and diversity, the larger that corporations grow, the more there is a move towards divisionalization and eventually some sort of matrix structure.

They often have longer time horizons than day-to-day operating decisions. What are the three most important ways we fell short of our strategic potential? This a major source of power for middle-management in organizations. The managers of business organisations faced increased inflation and intensifying foreign competition, technological obsolescence and changing market and population characteristics.

An in-built benchmark to compare the actual performance with projections. It caan be thoug ght of as haaving three main elemeents within it; strategicc analysis, strategic s chooice, andd strategic immplementation.

Power within companies can be derived in a variety of ways, any of which may provide an avenue whereby the values of individual or group may influence company policy.

Resources does influence the, and influenced by the strategic choice.

But the word environment encapsulates different influences and it is difficult to understand its diversity. And how should the uncertainty be dealt with? The influence of technology on values includes a consideration of the technology inherent in the product itself and the systems of production, etc.

Since different strategies inevitably result in different types of work this background can be used to look at the link between choice of strategy and the type of people who will be best suited to it.

Essentials Guide to Strategic Planning

The reward from this private practice provides these people with some measure of autonomy from the system which can make strategic changes very difficult to implement if resisted by these people. The preceding statement delineates the basic strategic plan for ABC Co.

This can be a risky personal strategy.

Exam Questions on Strategic Planning | Management

Typical decision making processes ensure the political acceptability of the outcome by a much wider involvement of people in strategic decisions successful implementation is almost guaranteed once the decision is taken. Explain the two types of concept of strategy.

It could arise from the fact that a company which is already established and running may already be a long way down the learning curve and have achieved efficiencies which would be difficult to integrate. In practice, managers cope with range of influences by evolving, overtime, accepted wisdom about their industry, its environment and what are sensible responses to different situations.

Strategic Management Interview Questions & Answers

Individuals, groups and whole organization form the political system. The membership of professional bodies or institutions can be particularly important in organizations with a high proportion of professional staff. Efficiency is to do with how well resources have been utilized irrespective of the purpose for which they were deployed.

This can be done by concentrating on detailed analysis of the past to be used as a basis for forecasting the future. It is also a continuous process.

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Even if the future is uncertain, we can assign probabilities of occurrence of certain events.Regular strategy review meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis, combined with an annual strategy refresh, will ensure you reference your strategy regularly and keep it at the center of your management reporting process.

Free Essay: Review questions – Exam 2 Management Strategy & Policy Chapter 6 1. Managerial Actions and initiatives taken in the strategy execution proce1. Difference between business policy and strategic management.

Corporate governance- concept, issues, models, evolution and significance. Introduction to Strategic Management-Concept importance of strategic Management, Strategy & Competitive Advantage, Strategy Planning & Decisions, strategic Management Process.

Strategic Planning refers to the development of strategic plans that involve taking information from the environment and deciding upon an organisational mission, and upon objectives, strategies, and a portfolio plan (Rosenberg and Schewe, Business Horizons, ).

See page 20 of our Definitive Guide to Policy Management for a list of questions that can be helpful in determining which policies are necessary. And, as always, policies need to be based on a risk assessment for your unique organization. Strategy and Policy Guideline Reviewed: October Review date: October Policy/strategy presented to Management team for consideration.

The Policy Team will be notified by the Manager that a review of the policy is due. The Wanganui District Council Policy Team.

Management strategy and policy review questions
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