Classroom rules

Too many teachers chase the next great classroom management idea and are continually disappointed. The purpose of your rules is to protect yourself and your students from any and all misbehavior that disrupts learning. For this part, print copies of the pizza slice as outlined on the Family Education Network, Inc.

In Our Classroom Superhero Poster — Lay down the classroom rules in a positive way using a purple or red superhero themed printable. At the elementary level, reinforcement can be done aloud. Always do your personal best. What a fantastic set of 27 free classroom posters!

Make sure your rules cover every eventuality. Do you think all people want the same rules? Hall passes can be used to go to the restroom or to your locker. They must be created thoughtfully and in a way that is relevant and meaningful to students.

Reinforce students who are following the rules. Create a learning environment that fits each students needs. What happens if a person demonstrates an unacceptable behavior?

Most teachers establish rules at the beginning of the year, and many devote time to modeling and practicing rules with students in the first weeks of school. Your principal should always have a copy of the discipline plan you have implemented in your classroom.

Classroom Rules For High School

Ask questions such as: Classroom Attitude Posters — Six posters that remind students that life is all about our actions and our attitude.

How could this happen? This will be wonderfully shocking to your class When students have carefully thought about the reasons for rules and how to create fair rules, they will more easily be able to develop matching consequences. Step One Review the classroom rules five times a day.

Here are some ideas for establishing, using, and reinforcing rules and routines.

Rules For The Classroom Middle School

As long as it meets all six criteria, it should work just fine. WBT educators have discovered that Rule 4 is wonderfully powerful.Jul 27,  · Walk around the classroom and school corridors. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Be a good friend to everyone. Follow directions from others. Always tell the truth. Enjoy our learning. Show manners at all times.

Be polite.

Creating Classroom Rules Together

Be on time. Share with others. Keep the classroom tidy. Tidy the classroom when we have finished working%(14). Of course their are many variations of classroom rules that you can follow, but these five rules have been a staple in my classroom and they work.

When looking at these rules, students know that they must respect each and every person in the classroom, including me. Set Up Rules and Routines Adapted from National Education Association's "I Can Do It" Classroom Management training module, developed by California Teachers Association.

For more information about this program, contact NEA Teacher Quality at () Describes the characteristics of positive rules in the middle school classroom.

Offers suggestions for developing and implementing such rules, and provides guidelines for disciplining students who break the rules. When looking at these rules, students know that they must respect each and every person in the classroom, including me.

They also know that it is essential to come to class prepared and ready to work and do their best. In addition to that, students must enter the classroom with a.

Set Up Rules and Routines

I keep it very, very simple. I tell my students the first day that I have only 2 rules: Respect and Cooperate. The Respect, of course, is for the principal, all the teachers, their classmates, and property.

Classroom rules
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